Brisbane Airport dredging puts spotlight on Bay protection

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moretonbaydredgingDredging of more than 13 million cubic metres of seabed due to commence in the Moreton Bay Marine Park for the next stage of Brisbane’s second runway highlights the need for strong protection in our marine park said the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today.

AMCS Marine Campaigner Fiona Maxwell said ‘This is one of the biggest sand-dredging exercises in Brisbane’s history. The dredging planned for Moreton Bay Marine Park only increases the vulnerability of the Bay and its incredible marine life, highlighting the need for strong protection.’

‘This massive dredging program adds pressure to the Bay at a time when the Government is also considering winding back our marine park protection’ said Maxwell.

‘We were alarmed at the Newman Government’s announcement that they are considering allowing fishing back into some of Moreton Bay’s fully protected marine national parks.’

‘Instead, the Queensland Government needs to limit the impacts of this dredging and ensure that those areas in the marine park that are fully protected remain that way so that our Bay is as healthy and resilient as possible.’

‘Research from Australia and overseas consistently shows that fully protected areas, work at building resilience to threats and protecting and recovering marine species and habitats’ said Maxwell.

‘Government studies also show that the great majority of recreational fishers, both in Brisbane and throughout Queensland, believe that our highly protected marine national parks are a good and reasonable thing’

‘If the government wants to do something that genuinely earns the support of recreational fishers and the broader community of Moreton Bay, they would do well to address real issues like pollution and habitat loss.’

‘Taking action on these issues, and maintaining existing protections, would mean a healthier, more resilient Bay for the benefit of everyone,’ concluded Maxwell.

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