Cadbury and Foodbank donate to Westenders

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Lady with free easter eggs
This lady appreciated the Easter Eggs. She hasn’t had electricity since August last year. She has a $600 electricity bill she cannot afford.

Cadbury Chocolates donated 300 boxes of Easter Eggs (of about 300 Easter eggs/box) to Foodbank to distribute among the agencies they support. Each agency received 2 boxes of Easter Eggs.

Cadbury donated these Easter eggs on the condition that no one was charged for these Easter Eggs. That is a big boon for the homeless who receive the eggs because Foodbank charges a handling fee on most of the food they distribute, which many of the charities they serve, pass on with their own handling fee. (Charities have to raise money to pay their staff and bills).

Community Friends hands out free food to the homeless in Boundary St West End every Wednesday. Founder, Mark MDonnel said, “We never charge anyone for the food we giveaway or for the services we provide. Most of our clients aren’t in a position to pay anything.”

Companies that give food away are always concerned that they do not undermine their own channel. Ensuring the food is not sold cheaper than it is in shops is one way to differentiate charity from price cutting.

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