Carbon storage research considers Strzeleckis


Carbon storage research considers Strzeleckis

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Research from the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has found there could be high potential for storing carbon in Strzelecki Ranges’ soil.

The DPI measured existing carbon levels on 630 farm sites across the state for the Victorian Soil Carbon Project.

A senior research scientist with the DPI , Dr Fiona Robertson, says places where there is already carbon in the soil are likely to be better sites for sequestration.

She says farms in regions that received higher rainfall had a higher level of carbon.

“In the northern regions, in the cropping regions in the Mallee, were the lowest carbon levels in the state and that’s almost entirely due to the climate up there,” she said.

“The highest carbon levels were in the very south, in the Otways and in the Strzeleckis in Gippsland.”

She says Victorian farmers are interested in the research but they should not get too excited.

“You have to set levels on your expectations for how much carbon you can store in the soil because it depends to a very large extent on where you’re located, on the climate, so that puts really strict bounds on what you can expect to store in the soil,” she said.

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