Climate chaos costs US a staggering $306 billion

Climate disasters damage US economy
Climate chaos is affecting ordinary people directly and through economic drain

In 2017 alone, sixteen $1 billion-plus weather- and climate-related events killed some 362 people in the US and cost the national economy  $306 billion. This is a record for natual disasters and appears to be the shape of things to come. This represents 1.6% of the total US economy at a time when the economy is finely balanced between growth and recession.

The vast bulk of this damage was caused by hurricanes, with Hurricane Harvey alone costing the nation $125 billion. By comparison, wildfires only cost $18billion dollars.

2005 was previously the most expensive year with Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita racking up a total of $215 billion. 4b01e1a4b183b9d


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