Wealth buys silence

Politicians for sale in the US
US politiicans have been paid $100million to deny climate science.

The figures are in.

38 climate denying senators have received three quarters of a million dollars each from fossil fuel interests with the price of a member of Congress denying the science being about one third that.

In total fossil, fuel interests have directly spent over 97 million dollars paying the currently sitting US Senators and Representatives to represent their interests. deny the climate science and question the role of fossil fuels in generating climate chaos. Fossil fuel companies also donate to senators and representatives promoting evidence based policies at one quarter the rate. On average a senator who supports science has received $180,000 dollars in donations from fossil fuel companies compared to the $732,000 received, on average, by the 38 deniers.

Like Australia, the US stands in stark contrast to European nations where climate chaos is an accepted fact and industry and government are working together to redue emissions and amerloriate the inevitable affects of the future chaos and underlying warming already built into the system.



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