Climate Commission’s work needed: Flannery


Climate Commission’s work needed: Flannery

AAPApril 4, 2013, 10:19 am



The head of the Climate Commission has defended the work of the science body, after Opposition Leader Tony Abbott repeated his pledge to axe it.

Mr Abbott on Wednesday renewed the coalition’s commitment to do away with the commission as part of plans to repeal the carbon tax.

But chief climate commissioner Professor Tim Flannery said the body played an important part in informing the public about the dangers of climate change.

“I think we do an important job and that job needs to be done,” he told ABC radio on Thursday.

“There is a real need in parts of the community for the information we provide.”

Mr Abbott said there were four major bureaucracies associated with the carbon tax and climate change.

“We are going to get rid of the carbon tax and we are going to get rid of the bureaucracy associated with it,” he told Fairfax Radio on Thursday.

Mr Abbott said Prof Flannery had many appointments as well as the one from the federal government to talk about his views on climate change.

“We have the benefit of his views anyway. I’m not sure that we need to pay more to get them.”

Prof Flannery said the Critical Decade: Extreme Weather report, released this week, was an example of the commission playing its role of informing the public about climate change.

The report says climate change is exacerbating extreme weather like bushfires, cyclones, heavy rainfall, drought and the heatwaves that scorched Australia earlier this year.
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