Coalition vows to fight emissions scheme.

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Coalition vows to fight emissions scheme

NB (Could lead to a Double Dissolution)

Posted 42 minutes ago

The Coalition says if it wins the next election, it would consider changing the Federal Government’s emissions trading scheme, should it be passed by Parliament.

The Government is hoping its emissions trading scheme will pass the Senate the second time around by negotiating changes with the Coalition.

Even if they reach an agreement that would see the scheme passed into law, Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull says he would consider changing it if the Coalition is returned to Government.


“We may well go to the election wth proposals to amend it or change it,” he said.

Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce goes much further, saying the Nationals will not accept the emissions trading scheme at all.

“That system has to be dismantled, you can’t go forward with a system that sends you broke,” he said.

The second Senate vote is expected to be in November.

At their annual conference on Saturday, the Nationals vowed to vote against the Government’s emissions trading scheme regardless of what the Liberals decide.

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