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Washington Post on Zika

Bee Death in South Carolina raises fears of Zika conspiracy

admin /13 September, 2016

Spraying for the Zika virus in South Carolina USA has resulted in a massive death toll of the bee population in the fertile and productive farming area. Local farmers and environmentalists are up in arms that the local government sprayed an insecticide called Naled from aircraft for two hours on Sunday August 28th. Those concerns Continue Reading →

Mass Extinctions

Elephant population collapses under weight of poaching

admin /13 September, 2016

Two thirds of Africa’s forest elephants have been wiped out by poaching in the last decade. An estimated 100,000 elephants have been killed by poachers in that period. The population of elephants has fallen from around 20 million animals to less than one third of a million. At current rates there will be no elephants Continue Reading →

George Monbiot

Trade treaties to rule them all and CETA there to bind them

admin /13 September, 2016

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, abbreviated as CETA, has attracted broad criticism this week following an impassioned piece by George Monbiot in the UK Guardian. The treaty is promoted by its Canadian and EU backers as a key to opening cross Atlantic trade and therefor increasing wealth. Its critics point out that allowing global corporations Continue Reading →

Electric car sales globally

Renewable revolution driven by China’s electric car

admin /13 September, 2016

The rapid take up of renewable energy has been boosted by Chinese government subsidies for electric cars, rapidly boosting their world ranking to the number one producer. Over half a million electric cars were produced worldwide last year, 200 thousand of them in China. The Chinese government believes the car is the key to a Continue Reading →

Map of rainfall shift

admin /13 September, 2016

The global shift in rainfall will see many current food producing areas suffer from drought or low crop yields by 2020 according to an article published in the journal Nature this week. While Europe, North America, Chile, West Africa and Australia are all headed for an overall reduction in rainfall, East Africa, Pakistan, western and Continue Reading →