Corrupt Laotians culpable in death of 16,000 elephants

Confiscated ivory
Confiscated ivory at the Thai border reveals the extent of the trade

International poaching organizations have moved 16,000 illegally killed elephants through Laos with the assistance of corrupt officials placed as highly as the office of the Prime Minister. Three major trafficking organisations have been identified as working with corrupt officials to move millions of dollars worth of animal parts out of the country.

A summit of global governments in Africa last week totally banned trade in Pangolins, a scaly anteater that has been slaughtered in millions for the last decade.

Endangered animals are fourth behind human slaves, arms and drugs as the most lucrative trade in the world.

Laos Authorities Help Smuggle Exotic Wildlife for Kickbacks

Pangolin carcasses
Thousands of frozen Pangolin carcasses prior to incineration

The office of the Laos prime minister collaborated with three major trafficking organizations to move millions of dollars worth of animal body parts across borders, killing hundreds of tigers and rhinos and more than 16,000 elephants.–20160927-0009.html

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