Could Australia’s fossil fuel assets become stranded?

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Could Australia’s fossil fuel assets become stranded?


Charlie Wood – Australia

10:20 AM (5 minutes ago)

to me

Dear friend,

“The coal price required for many of these projects to be economic, is unlikely to be sustained…” – Caldecott, Tilbury & Ma (2013)*

Next week, this message will be signalled loud and clear, when Oxford University and Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Ben Caldecott kicks off his tour of Australia. Click here to find out more.

While retirees, religious leaders, parents and young people put their bodies on the line to halt dangerous new fossil fuel projects, the financial case for moving beyond fossil fuels is growing by the day.

Come and hear Ben discuss the financial obstacles facing new Australian fossil fuel projects, discover how your money is funding these projects and learn how you can use your dollars and cents to secure a safe climate future. 

Click here to find your nearest event.**

Look forward to seeing you there!

Warm wishes,

Charlie on behalf of the Australia team

*Stranded Down Under: environment-related factors changing China’s demand for coal and what this means for Australian coal assets’

**Note the new venue if you are attending the Sydney event – this has changed due the original venue booking out within 2 days! is building a global climate movement.


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