Daily update: Abbott’s RET curse – how the PM can cripple renewables by doing nothing


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Daily update: Abbott’s RET curse – how the PM can cripple renewables by doing nothing


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Whatever happens with the RET, Abbott’s removal of the carbon price could inflict a killer blow. Plus: Milne’s take on what’s really killing renewables; 70% wind, solar and storage for Lord Howe Island; Recurrent Energy’s big predictions for Oz big solar; IKEA’s record solar rooftop; will Australia’s PV market go the way of solar hot water?; UNSW students smash EV world record; CEC’s new rooftop solar buyers’ guide; what utilities really think of microgrids; wind power set to double; and how glass can boost solar efficiency.
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If Tony Abbott wants to cripple the Australian renewable energy industry – as many suspect –  he can do that without doing anything at all. That’s because the removal of the carbon price could make long term financing unfeasible, even if the renewables target was unchanged.
Greens leader says conservative forces behind Abbott determined to kill renewable industry, and “appeasement” will not save the sector, but ambition might.
Lord Howe Island aims to displace 70% of diesel generation with 1MW hybrid renewables system combining solar, wind and storage, and introduces solar leasing plan.
US developer Recurrent Energy has Australian pipeline of 1,500MW of utility scale solar PV. An 80MW plant in Queensland could be first.
Construction begins on largest single-rooftop solar PV system in Australia, with installation of 990kWp array at the IKEA in Tempe, NSW.
Solar industry warns that PV market could experience as catastrophic a slump as the solar hot water market if policies are changed.
Students from UNSW’s Sunswift team break the electric car world record for speed over a distance of 500km/h.
Clean Energy Council launches free consumer guide to installing rooftop solar, to help customers avoid pitfalls and get system best suited to needs.
If utilities could fully or partially own microgrids, they might be more interested in seeing the market succeed.
Wind power now supplies about 3% of the world’s electricity, and the signs are good for the next several years.
Self-cooling, longer lasting and more efficient solar cells are within reach simply by adding a thin layer of glass.

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