Daily update: Can coal generators fool the government a second time?

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Daily update: Can coal generators fool the government a second time?


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Can coal generators fool the government a second time?; SA wind energy jumps to 43% in July; New study says Paris climate talks won’t keep world under 2ºC; Sowing confusion about renewable energy; and German solar feed-in tariffs shown to be wildly successful.
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Three years ago, coal generators warned the lights would go out if they didn’t receive enough carbon compensation. The absurdity of those claims is now revealed by new AEMO data, which highlights the excess capacity of coal generators. Undaunted, those generators now aim to stop renewables to protect their revenues.
Wind energy provided 43% of South Australia’s electricity needs in July. With rooftop solar PV, that means nearly half state’s electricity came from variable renewables.
Hopes the world will do something meaningful to cut carbon emissions hang on the Paris climate talks, but agreement there may not be enough.
Readers of The Economist may have been surprised for good reason to read that solar and wind are “the most expen­sive way of reducing green­house-gas emissions.
Brattle Group says Germany has been remarkably successful, given the goal – shared by great majority of population – of ‘de-fossilising’ its electricity sector.

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