Daily update: Fossil fuels, utilities, petrol cars to be obsolete by 2030

30 June, 2014 Uncategorized0
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Daily update: Fossil fuels, utilities, petrol cars to be obsolete by 2030


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Fossil fuels/utilities/petrol cars to be obsolete by 2030, Why Ergon wants to keep new solar off the grid, Carnegie commits to Australia after ARENA pitches in $11m, Wind energy was the new base load in Aus last week, Perth gets 2 largest rooftop solar systems, Has the death spiral begun? Rogue PUP and anti=greens underline RET security, Will homeowners be more important than power plants? What price the Great Barrier Reef? Cali continues to set daily records for utility scale solar energy, and Silex looks for buyers for solar technologies.
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RenewEconomy Daily News
The Parkinson Report
Stanford University’s Tony Seba has a dramatic prognosis: Silicon Valley will make oil, nuclear, natural gas, coal, electric utilities and conventional cars obsolete by 2030.  And Australia will lead the way and be the shape of things to come.
Ergon Energy says restricting solar exports will encourage consumers to install more solar and storage.
Carnegie Wave Energy has committed to building its first commercial scale plant in Australia after Australian Renewable Energy Agency commits $11m.
Last week, wind energy provided 14.2% of demand in eastern states, and renewables overall provided more than 30%. The share of coal and gas fell sharply.
Perth to get biggest commercial rooftop solar array, just days after previous record broken with opening of Bidvest installation.
Electricity demand is collapsing and the industry is heading towards chaos. The death spiral may have already begun.
Ad-libbing from Palmer United, and implacable opposition from Coalition backbenchers underline that renewable energy target (RET) future far from certain.
A new report concludes that policymakers and regulators are not prepared for consumer empowerment on the grid.
New report says nature should make it onto the world’s balance sheets. But what price a barrier reef?
In early June, California set a record midday hourly peak of 4,76 MW of utility-generated solar electricity.
Silex looks for buyers and co-investors for Solar Systems CPV business as it focus

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