Daily update: Rooftop solar may be “sleeping giant” of Australian politics

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Daily update: Rooftop solar may be “sleeping giant” of Australian politics


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Rooftop solar may be “sleeping giant” of Australian politics, Homegrown technology aims to put rooftop solar on the map, Global wind market rebounds amid calls for policy certainty, Why BHP may send station coal to corporate Siberia, Solar plus storage should be centrepiece of booming western Sydney, The financial implication of potential grid defection, Solar tariffs: an enormous question for ‘solar choice’, Melbourne council offers “zero-down” solar PV to pensioners,  Renewables driving electricity storage technology.
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Greens say rooftop solar may be sleeping giant of Australian politics, with tens of thousands of households impacted by low tariffs for exports, and a pushback on connections by utilities. This will be big issue in three big eastern states.
ASX-listed Nearmap has repurposed its market-leading aerial imaging platform for the rooftop solar industry.
Global Wind Energy Council predicts dramatic increase in market growth in 2014, warns against long-term damage of climate policy uncertainty.
BHP’s move to spin-off its thermal coal mines is just the latest signal that the glory days are over for power station coal.
New suburbs and housing estates in western Sydney should have solar plus storage at the core of energy supply. That will save costs for everyone.
Emerging evidence suggests utility investors should proceed with caution due to the potential of grid defection brought about by distributed solar.
Distributed solar power production is under fire. In nearly 1 of 3 US states, utility companies are trying to undermine policies that make it economical to produce energy from a solar panel instead of buying it from a utility.
Melbourne council provides “zero down” solar leases to help pensioners install up to 500kW of rooftop solar.
Renewables are driving the development of energy storage systems worldwide, but before they are able to catch on the public perception

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