Daily update: SA network operator: Rural communities could quit the grid

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Daily update: SA network operator: Rural communities could quit the grid


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Rural communities could quit the grid, RET repeal would be win for incumbents and pain for everyone else, Interview with Sunpower CEO Tom Werner, Oz solar technology hopes to tap $109bn Saudi clean energy bonanza, Axing carbon tax could deliver $40bn budget hit, Renewables as security hedge against Putin and rising fuel costs, Pulling back the veil on EV charging station cost.
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Operator of South Australia networks says rural communities likely to favour renewables-based micro-grids, and forecasts the end of centralised generation and transmission. The business of the future for networks might be building, managing and operating those smaller grids.
As Dick Warburton refuses to rule out killing the RET, new research finds focus on short-term interests of network incumbents could cause long-term damage to Australia’s electricity market, boosting power bills by $1.4bn a year beyond 2020.
The head of US-based solar manufacturer and developer SunPower says the company is about to add storage to its solar offerings, and says Australia should be at the leading edge of localised generation market.
With Australian renewables in limbo, CPV developer Solar Systems is capitalising on Saudi plans to build 41GW of solar capacity over the next two decades.
Climate Institute says scrapping carbon pricing scheme for Emissions Reduction Fund will have a $24-$40bn fiscal impact on the federal budget to 2020.
Putin can cut off European gas supplies, but he cannot cut off renewable energy generation.
Cost-effective solutions are needed to ensure future investment in charging stations.
Considered a ‘clean coal’ technology, underground coal gasification has a not-so clean record. Are concerns about its environmental impacts

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