Daily update: Solar, wind to beat coal on costs in China, India by 2020

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Daily update: Solar, wind to beat coal on costs in China, India by 2020


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Solar, wind to beat coal on costs in China, India by 2020; Carbon tax voted down again; Abbott courts controversy over solar trade at G20; Ergon confirms rule changes to send solar households off-grid; Solar PV module prices fell 50% in 2013; Climate adaption in cities better for business; Experts at Intersolar talk about growth markets as solar eyes storage; and new energy storage demo rides on pacific northwest winds.
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RenewEconomy Daily News
The Parkinson Report
Australia’s biggest coal customers are expected to turn away from fossil fuels because solar and wind energy will provide a cheaper option within 5 years. While Australia looks to stop renewables, India and China are looking at renewable shares of up to 45%.
Abbott government again loses vote to get carbon tax repeal through the Senate, as PUP switches sides over ‘double-cross’, and backs ARENA.
EU, US and China have begun talks to free trade in environmental goods such as solar panels. They want it in G20, Abbott says no.
Qld power distributor Ergon Eenergy confirms new standards to limit power exports from the booming rooftop solar market, paving the way for its PV customers to quit the grid.
Report says Australian solar PV module prices fell from $1.50/Wp in 2012 to 0.75/Wp in 2013; storage market gaining momentum.
Report finds most of world’s major cities see climate resilience as a major factor affecting economic competitiveness – and are doing something about it.
Battery-backed solar, regulatory “carrots versus sticks” approaches, and China’s role were all discussed.
Three Washington State utilities with big investments in wind power have signed on to a new $14.m energy storage and s

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