Daily update: Who is the greenest energy retailer in Australia? RENEW ECONOMY

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Daily update: Who is the greenest energy retailer in Australia?


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The greenest energy retailer in Australia, Outdated power proving burden on Aus households, Aus urged to aim for 50+% renewables by 2030, CEFC dedicates $50m to WA waste-to-energy projects, Aus coal industry at risk as major powers act on fossil fuels, RET road trip #7, Can light-weight cars be made of “renewable” bamboo? and Major greenhouse threat from new CFCs found in air.
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The Parkinson Report
“Who is the greenest energy retailers of them all?” It is a question commonly posed to RE, so we decided to use the retailers’ submissions to the renewable energy target to help you be the judge. Most want the RET to be cut.
Australia’s electricity network operators wedded to pricing model that drives up cost of supply, benefiting oldest, outdated and inflexible baseload coal plants. There are alternatives.
Leading international agency says Australia should become one of world leaders in renewables, arguing that the world could double renewable capacity by 2030, save money and slash emissions in the process.
The CEFC says it will provide up to $50m in debt finance towards development of two Australian designed waste-to-gas facilities in Western Australia.
The Australian coal industry is at significant financial risk of stranded assets as major global powers act on climate change.
The RET road trip visits solar homeowners in the affluent bayside suburb of Brighton East.
Could bamboo replace carbon fiber in many common auto-industry applications in the near future?
Thirty years of air samples show three new CFC gases potentially 10,000 times more potent than

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