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Grace Scholl
Yeronga Local shows Grace under fire

Brisbane native Grace Scholl will be graduating from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in December, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Geography. After graduating, she will move to East Sale to start her training as an Air Combat Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force

An Air Combat Officer helps navigate F-18 Super Hornets. Her first year of training at the School of Air Warfare will prepare her for her future role.

Grace considers a career in the Australian Defence Force to be very exciting.

“ADFA has already taken me around the country and has given me many opportunities. I recently had the chance to participate in an international cadet exchange to the United States Air Force Academy, something I would have never done if it wasn’t for ADFA.

“I have certainly enjoyed the challenge. However, the most memorable moments have occurred under pressure. The bonds you create with people in these circumstances are powerful and I have definitely made friends for life.”

All ADFA officer cadets and midshipmen participate in a Graduation Parade at the end of each year to celebrate the completion of undergraduate degrees.

“There is a sense of pride, partaking in an event which is a milestone for the Third Year class. I am excited about graduating and moving onto my professional training, but I will certainly miss the friends made at the Academy, who I now consider my family. I am proud to serve with this motivated and dedicated group of people,” Grace said.

“I was the only girl who wanted to attend ADFA in my year at high school, but if I was to say anything to any other women who wanted to join ADFA, it would be that it’s not as hard as people think; the physical element is not that much of a shock. Joining ADFA can be a challenge, yet in the end it is extremely rewarding.”

ADFA enables officer cadets and midshipmen to develop the necessary skills to be successful junior leaders of the Australian Defence Force. These future leaders embody the best values of the services: Professionalism, Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, Innovation and Teamwork.

ADFA is currently recruiting for its 2015 intake. For further information on military training and study at ADFA and careers in the Army, Navy or Air Force go to: or call 13 19 01.

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