“Driscoll” sexual harassment allegations


See below for an update from David Browne on the petition you signed: Former employees say Scott Driscoll sexually harassed them — Campbell Newman, dismiss him immediately.


There’s a clear pattern emerging. More ex-employees of Scott Driscoll are coming forward — and there continues to be more accounts of “sexual harassment, intimidation and bullying” from Mr Driscoll, the new MP for Redcliffe.

One woman commented on the petition saying she was successful in a discrimination case against Mr Driscoll after he fired her for needing time off work to recover from an assault. Another is quoted in the Courier Mail saying he forced her to wear a cowboy hat and took photos of her in the office.

More than 12,200 of you have signed the petition. It’s incredible. We’ve got huge momentum — and our call for Mr Driscoll to be held accountable has been covered on Channel 9 News and in the Courier Mail.

Can you share the petition with friends and family on Facebook — and help ensure Campbell Newman immediately dismisses Scott Driscoll from the LNP for his bullying of former employees?

So far, Mr Driscoll is refusing to answer the allegations directly. Instead, media are reporting that the organisation he used to be President of is threatening to sue the women speaking out. Yesterday the Queensland Retail Traders and Shopkeepers Association said that the women are “making false statements designed to cause commercial damage”.

I can’t believe it. It seems Mr Driscoll is using his mates still at the QRTSA to intimidate these women — the very behaviour that’s prevented them in speaking out before now. And that prevents so many women from raising workplace harassment and abuse.

It can’t have been easy for these women to come forward and talk about what happened. Some have said they only had the confidence to speak up when they saw others were doing so. Can you help me back up the women who are speaking out by showing Campbell Newman there’s tens of thousands of people watching what’s happening — and demand swift action to dismiss Scott Driscoll?

Please forward this email on, share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for all your help,


P.S. For more background, it’s worth reading the original Courier Mail article where I first heard about these allegations. It’s here: http://bit.ly/WnPvm1

And the petition url to share with friends is here: https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/former-employees-say-this-member-of-parliament-sexually-harassed-them-campbell-newman-dismiss-scott-driscoll-immediately

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