Europe divided over Ukraine

Writing in Al Jazeera today, Dimitar Bechev, writes that the visit by Hungarian President Viktor Orban to Moscow to secure a new gas deal and express support for Russian resistance to NATO shows how complex the situation in Eastern Europe is. Poland, the Baltic states and Romania have strongly expressed support for NATO involvement in the Ukraine. The Balkan states are less enthusiastic and support Russian concerns about NATO expansion. Germany has refused to send troops to the Ukraine. Bechev believes that despite the complexity, most states will resist Russian intervention in the eastern region of the Ukraine. British troops are already on the ground and have been involved in battles with Russian soldiers. Land mines are being used to booby trap trenches on the front line.

The song Putin Khuilo

Meanwhile, anti-Russian Ukrainians have taken to song to express their frustration. The popular ‘Putin Khuilo’ is belted out at rallies, clubs and quoted in official speeches, labelling Putin as a ‘dickhead’. The 2019 song Alga by symphonic rock outfit, Ignea, continues to be a staple at similar events. It famously advises the Russians to get off Uklranian soil with the words ‘you godless bastards, put your two headed eagle into your asses and run.’

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