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US Secretary of State told a group of journalists when the United States invaded Iraq, “this will be a war that will not end in your lifetimes.” The vision of the project for the New American Century which backed George W Bush’s bid for presidency, is that the United States will control the world economy, by controlling the world’s oil supplies. The backing of independence movements in Georgia and Chechnya has deprived Russia of the gateway to Middle Eastern oil, and prevented it building a planned pipeline to China. Combined with manouvers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel, it is clear that this plan is being put into effect. The news stories in this category track the progress of this project and the impact it is having on the world economy and hence, your daily life.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs addresses NATO

Sachs exhorts EU not to blindly follow US

Geoff Ebbs /20 July, 2022

Professor Jeffrey Sachs addressed NATO this month, begging European nations not to blindly follow the US into a global war with China and Russia. He says US is no longer a global leader, and is in denial about this, leading the West into a dangerous and futile global war. He points out that successive US Continue Reading →

EcoRadio News – Wednesday March 9, 2022

Geoff Ebbs /8 March, 2022

In this bulletin Liberals turn on market forces to protect coal Women cautiously celebrate International Women’s Day Truth is the first casualty as Australia toes US line on Ukraine PM leaps into action as climate emergency reaches Cronulla Reef grief competition heals despair with creativity Liberals turn on market forces to protect coal Once a Continue Reading →

President Putin

Europe divided over Ukraine

Geoff Ebbs /2 February, 2022

Writing in Al Jazeera today, Dimitar Bechev, writes that the visit by Hungarian President Viktor Orban to Moscow to secure a new gas deal and express support for Russian resistance to NATO shows how complex the situation in Eastern Europe is. Poland, the Baltic states and Romania have strongly expressed support for NATO involvement in Continue Reading →

Elbridge Colby in Taiwan

Australia coerced into war in Asia

Geoff Ebbs /1 December, 2021

Australia is being coerced into war with China over Taiwan by US strategists, Nury Vittachi writes in Pearls and Irritations this morning. ANU Professor of strategic studies, Hugh White, wrote in the Australian last week that there is a much greater advantage for Australia to live in a Chinese-dominated Asia than to join a US Continue Reading →

Rupert gets a Papal Knighthood

Breaking the media model

Geoff Ebbs /20 June, 2020

The demise of regional newspapers in Australia is the latest reminder that the business model of media has been broken by the Internet. Funneling tax-payer dollars from the ABC into regional print may not be the most intelligent response, however. There is a widely held and often expressed assumption that independent journalism has flourished under Continue Reading →

John James Newsletter

The John James Newsletter  268

JohnJames /5 January, 2019

The main parliamentary parties are now devoted to the same economic policies – socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor – and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war.