Everyone’s invited to Queensland Cultural Diveristy Week

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Ethno on the Road
Ethno on the Road is a key component of this year’s Cultural Diversity Week

“Our culture and lifestyle are made all the richer by the contribution of migrants who’ve chosen to call Queensland home.” – Glen Elmes, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs

Queensland Cultural Diversity Week, the state’s largest celebration of cultural diversity starts tomorrow Saturday 30 August and runs to Sunday 7 September 2014.

Local events include the Serbian Festival this Sunday and a Caribbean Party and Crescent Walk for Gaza next weekend.

Promoting statewide participation, the week includes events and activities right across Queensland, that celebrate and showcase the benefits of our state’s diversity. We all have a story to tell about our cultural heritage and Queensland Cultural Diversity Week is about getting involved in a local activity in your area (or putting on your own) and celebrating with your community.

Key Events this year – selected from over 60 special events already planned – include The Premier’s Cultural Diversity Awards Ceremony, a Gala Dinner open to the public for the first time; and The Multi-Faith Leader’s Dinner, bringing together community leaders to develop broader inter-faith dialogue.

Two other Key Events in this year’s Queensland Cultural Diversity Week celebrations include The Cultural Diversity Community Shield Football Tournament (hosted in football fields all over Brisbane featuring 1200 players across 64 teams from 30 different cultures) and the Ethno On The Road Regional Tour – a cross cultural musical tour with some of Queensland’s leading world musicians – which will be visiting towns and festivals all over Queensland, providing workshops and concerts.

Check online for your local events, or register your own!

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