Flannery blasts PM over ‘ breach of faith’ on climate

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“I could go to the Prime Minister now and say, ‘Look, why don’t we put some policies together to address climate change effectively,'” Professor Flannery said.

“And even if he accepted them, I wouldn’t have any faith that he would actually deliver on them because we’ve already seen this breach of faith.

“That’s the fundamental problem: it’s not the delay of the climate thing, as bad as that is, it’s the breach of faith with the electorate that’s the problem.”

Professor Flannery says the effects of climate change are already apparent around Australia but the Government has not done enough to deal with it.

“They need to deliver on their policies, they really do,” he said.

“And we have seen nothing from this Government to deliver as far as I can see effectively on any environmental issue.

“So it’s been very deeply disappointing, I think, for me to see all of this happen and it does have moral implications.

“I mean trust is the basis of all of our transactions and in politics it’s particularly important.”

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