Gillard and Abbott locked in race to bottom-Greens

“Onshore mainland processing of asylum applications provides the most
humane and efficient way to determine who is a genuine refugee and who
is not.”

“Julia Gillard’s continued suspension of processing of Afghan
applications is cruel and her East Timor “Pacific Solution” is unfair.
It is simply unfair to expect the poorest nation in our region, East
Timor, to carry the humanitarian load of a nation as lucky and wealthy
as Australia.”

“No ‘regional partnership’ will be effective in offering protection to
those genuinely in need, unless the Government increases the numbers of
refugees to be resettled in Australia. Without an increase to the
humanitarian intake, refugees will be trapped in detention centres in
other countries while Australia washes its hands of responsibility.”

“Rather than assessing people’s need for protection at the source, the
Gillard ‘pacific solution’ will simply ship  people off to another
country, out of sight out of mind. This might be a political fix for the
Government, but it will only compound the suffering of innocent people.”

“While it was good to see the Prime Minister finally put the facts on
the table, it was heartless not to back these up with policy,” said
Senator Hanson-Young.

Senator Hanson-Young also expressed dismay at the Coalition’s policy:

“Mr Abbott’s response is more of the same cruel policies of the Howard
years. Lots of tough talk, without an ounce of reality – beating up on
the little guy.” 

“Tony Abbott’s announcement in relation to asylum seekers’ papers and
his plan to turn boats around show he has no comprehension of the
circumstances under which refugees flee persecution or the
responsibilities we have to protect them,” Senator Hanson-Young

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