Greens will protect Coral Sea

Greens will protect Coral Sea

The Australian Greens today announced a new plan to protect the Coral
Sea environment from oil and gas extraction, unsustainable fishing and

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said a new Coral Sea Marine Reserve
would protect one of Australia’s most magnificent marine areas.

“The Coral Sea is home to many endangered species including but only 1%
is protected,” said Senator Brown.

The Greens proposal would allow recreational game fishing in the western
(closest to land) region of the marine park north of Cairns.

Management of the Reserve would be through an extension of the existing
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

“Oil and gas mining in the Coral Sea would put the Great Barrier Reef at
risk of a major spill as we have seen in the Gulf of Mexico – and the
pressure for drilling will grow,” said Senator Brown.

“A spill disaster like that in the Gulf would decimate not only the
world’s biggest reef and the Coral Sea but a key part of the Queensland
economy and thousands of jobs.”

Greens Queensland Senate candidate Larissa Waters said, “The Greens
proposal to continue recreational fishing at Linden Bank and the Cairns
Seamount while protecting the rest of the Coral Sea is a balanced way

“Recreational fishers would still be able to enjoy fishing these
favourite spots, and fish stocks would be able to replenish in large
undisturbed breeding areas.

“Commercial fishers would be bought out with decent compensation, and
oil and gas would be off limits to protect our Reef and coastline from
disasters like the Gulf of Mexico and Montara oil spills.”

Media contact: Peter Stahel 0459 133 597

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