Solar and batteries now cheaper than the grid

Leigh Storr at Biosolar
Leigh Storr talks to The Generator at his office in Woolloongabba

As predicted by The Generator in August 2014 a combination of domestic solar power and local storage has fallen below the price of grid power. South Australia will ramp up its incentives to owners of household solar power. While this price advantage makes it attractive to customers in all states to leave the grid, sonme governments and power companies are colluding to make that difficult. Indeed it may also be socially responsible as well as more secure to remain connected to the grid despite the commercial disadvantages forced on the homeowner by pricing policies and regulation. The Generator August 2014 article outlines a guerilla disconnection process that allows users to sidestep regulations preventing disconnection flagged in Queensland at the time of writing.

Tesla battery + solar now significantly cheaper than greed power.
Analysis has shown that households are better off installing 5 kW solar and a battery rather than relying on grid only supply. South Australia’s consumers bought 20% less electricity from the grid in 2017 than they did in 2010. I imagine that by 2025 the amount will be at least 20% less again.
Battery storage leaves fossil fuels and regulators in state of intertia
Ever since the opening of the Tesla big battery next to the Hornsdale wind farm in South Australia last month, it is as though a new era has dawned for the management of Australia’s electricity supply. This is not just about flexibility, smoothing out renewables, or responding to peak demand and speed of response – it is also about grid security and grid stability. And it is causing a massive re-think. Here’s why:
Jay Weatherill to ramp up SA target to 75% 
South Australian premier also promises country’s first renewable energy storage target in a ‘rejection of the federal government’s approach’.

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