Gurus desert ACF over government targets

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Diesendorf’s resignation letter said, “The real target is the unconditional 5%. All of that can be ‘achieved’ (on paper) by ineffective overseas offsets. Thus CPRS does not require any reduction in Australia’s emissions and it’s debatable whether it would result in any reduction in global emissions either.

Furthermore, CPRS transfers billions of dollars to the biggest greenhouse polluters. It makes emission permits into permanent property rights to polluters, instead of temporary licences. It places a ceiling on the carbon price that in effect excludes renewable energy from benefiting directly. It fails to guarantee that actions by households will add to the emissions target — instead such actions reduce the task of the big greenhouse polluters. In short, the CPRS in its present form is a backward step in Australia’s greenhouse response.
“The ACF Council and campaign staff must be aware of all these failings and the dubious benefit. So why on earth has ACF lent its good name to this appalling scheme?”


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