Herald panders to skeptics

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One of the earliest known greenhouses was built around 30 A.D. for the Roman emperor Tiberius, using mica instead of glass.  Greenhouses using glass appeared in the 17th century.  Scientists have been discussing the hypothesis that the atmosphere has greenhouse properties since Fourier enunciated it in 1807.  The effect of CO2 has been verified experimentally, described for example in http://www.espere.net/Unitedkingdom/water/uk_watexpgreenhouse.htm. 

It’s time SMH gave less prominence to the opinions of people who have vested interests in retaining the flawed technologies of the 18th century industrial revolution.  It’s time to give more prominence to the coming industrial revolution which will enable us to create energy without at the same time treating the atmosphere as a rubbish dump. 

The press has a role to play in preventing humans from fouling the planet until it ceases to support mammalian life.

George Carrard

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