‘Invasion day’ rant from MP


‘Invasion day’ rant from MP

The Daily Telegraph
January 28, 201312:00AM

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Labor MP Steve Gibbons has made some controversial statements about Australia Day. Source: Supplied

A LABOR MP has sparked outrage by describing Australia Day as “invasion day” and accusing Australians of celebrating “by throwing bits of dead animals on a cooking fire just like the people we dispossessed”.

Victorian MP Steve Gibbons, who has previously used Twitter to label Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop a “narcissistic bimbo,” Tony Abbott a “douchebag” and Kevin Rudd a “psychopath,” tweeted the remarks late on Australia Day.

When contacted about his tweets Mr Gibbons, who is retiring at the next election, said “I am not interested in talking to you” and hung up. After a backlash on Twitter, Mr Gibbons responded: “It seems I have upset a few Lib Rednecks. I’m shattered!” while he told one follower “you people will never understand the truth is seldom pretty!”

He lashed out at a Labor supporter who pleaded “Steve, you may be retiring, but we want to retain Bendigo. This stuff is unhelpful”.

Mr Gibbons responded: “I doubt you would have any idea about being helpful.”

Opposition spokesman for citizenship Scott Morrison yesterday said Mr Gibbons’ tweets were “childish”.

“They are the rantings of someone who is increasingly losing touch,” he said.

Mr Gibbons was rebuked by Prime Minister Julia Gillard late last year for his remarks about Ms Bishop.

He later apologised.

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