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It’s on!

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Let’s make the leader’s debates about what really matters.

Help get the Greens into the debates today. 


Dear Neville,

I know you are interested in the national election debates so I’m getting in touch with important news.

Did you hear? Kevin Rudd challenged Tony Abbott to a leader’s debate next Thursday.

Let’s make it a real debate – by including Christine Milne and the Greens, and all the issues that the others don’t want to talk about.

Help us build support for this to be a three-way debate between Christine, and the two old parties.

I want Christine to be part of a national debate to take on Tony Abbott and ask him what his real agenda is.

I want Christine to have the chance to ask Kevin Rudd if Labor will stand up for protecting the price on pollution, action on climate change, Denticare and the rest. Or will they cave in to big business pressure again?

Can you ask a friend to sign on to our petition supporting the Greens in the leader’s debates?

New coal mines and ports along the Great Barrier Reef. Coal seam gas across our best farmland. Compassion for refugees. Keeping strong national environment laws. Fixing the mining tax to fund a more caring society.

I know that Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd don’t want to talk about any of these issues. But I want Christine to be there so she can. And so do millions of Australians.

Please, ask your friends to help get the Christine into the debates – so the others can’t ignore what really matters.

Thanks for the action you’ve already taken. It will get Christine a step closer to taking on the other leaders in person, in a national leader’s debate.



P.S. If you’re on Twitter, can you reply to Kevin Rudd’s tweet about the debates and challenge him to debate the Greens on the issues that really matter?


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