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The John James Newsletter 27
8 November 2014.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter — Sir Winston Churchill

Big Coal takes control of the US Congress
Just like Australia, sadly. The closer we get to Armageddon the more selfishness and blind stupidity there is. Its like the rush of the lemmings over the cliff – save this is no myth, but mass denial being acted out on the public stage.

Use of Palestinian Civillians as Human Shields
Documented cases of Palestinian civilians used as human shields by Israeli military forces during the conflict in the Gaza Strip, 8 July-26 August, 2014.
And Israel Committed War Crimes In Gaza: Amnesty Report

Islamic State Born of Deteriorating Economic Conditions in Iraq
Poverty and inequality created by the plunder of Iraq’s wealth by elites and multinational corporations after the US occupation of Iraq were a great recruiting tool for ISIS.

Solar costs to halve by 2025
World leading researcher Martin Green says cost of solar technology will halve in the next decade, meaning solar – not coal – will become dominant energy source.

The next step in the anti-dollar war
Russia may ban circulation of US dollar. The State Duma has already been submitted a bill banning and terminating the circulation of USD in Russia.

This Just Happened to Solar
The chart shows how far solar will come out ahead in the US in 2016, the anticipated cost of solar energy minus average electricity prices, and the savings for every kilowatt hour of electricity. Grid parity in 36 states by then.

Liberia’s coffin makers suffer in Ebola outbreak
Before the outbreak of Ebola, Mr Mulbah said business was good with funeral services all over the city, especially at weekends. For the last two months it has been difficult to sell even one casket a day.

Subprime Loans and Auto Sales
Soaring auto sales are not so much a sign of a strong economy as they are an indication of financial hanky-panky (as with houses in 2008). The bigtime money guys are at it again, writing up auto loans for anyone who can sit upright in a chair and scribble an “X” on the dotted line. As a result, car sales have surged to over 16 million for the last 6 months. The finance gurus are packaging these sketchy subprimes into bonds, offloading them on eager investors, and recycling the profits into more crappy loans. It’s a perfect circle and it won’t end until the loans start blowing up, jittery investors head for the exits,  and Uncle Sugar rides to the rescue with more bailouts.

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