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1 January, 2015 John James Newsletter0

The John James Newsletter 29
14 November 2014.

Putin, Xi Jinping sign mega gas deal on second gas supply route:
This agreement would make China the biggest consumer of Russian gas, and will exceed the volume exported to Europe.

Canada just became North America’s first offshore renminbi hub
With increasing speed and frequency, the People’s Bank of China and the Canadian Prime Minister’s office issued a statement on Saturday stating that Canada will establish North America’s first offshore renminbi trading center in Toronto.

Still happening: Canada just became North America’s first offshore renminbi hub

Alison Weir: “Against Our Better Judgement” – well worth a careful watch.
This presentation at the National Press Club was a disturbing and impressive work. It details the history of Zionism in the US and the bizarre symbiosis of US and Israel policies.

Map of the countries that recognize Palestine as a state

Awesome Flash Mob Reward For Woman Recycling Bottle

Awesome Flash Mob Reward For Woman Recycling Bottle

Lagging Behind: Australia and the Global Response to Climate Change
This report compares Australia’s action on climate change to the rest of the world in regard to reducing emissions and renewable energy, including the actions taken by some of the world’s largest economies such as China, the US and EU.
Here is a list of projects at risk from the government’s campaign against renewables.

Switzerland arming in preparation for European meltdown?
Bern’s biggest fear is the disorganization of neighboring nations’ armies that would follow general instability. The eurozone crisis and the severe austerity measures in the EU are forcing member-states to significantly slash their military budgets as protest continues to spread across Europe

Russia’s deployed nuclear capacity overtakes US for first time since 2000
Russia has 1,643 nuclear missiles ready to launch – one more than the US – according to an official State Department report. Both countries have been upgrading their active nuclear arsenals since the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict. These numbers are in violation of the New START treaty, which prescribe a limit of 1,550 deployed warheads.

Close military encounters between Russia and the west ‘at cold war levels’
Report lists 40 cases of ‘brinkmanship’ in past eight months, including near-collision between Russian spy plane and passenger jet

Russian planes to patrol in Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico
Russia had wound down such long-range missions after the end of the Cold War. Amid renewed tensions over Ukraine Russia has been returning to methods once used to test Nato defences.

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