Labor triumphs in Wanguri by-election


Labor triumphs in Wanguri by-election

ABCFebruary 17, 2013, 12:50 pm



Labor’s Nicole Manison has vowed to hit the ground running after an overwhelming win the by-election for the Northern Territory seat of Wanguri.

Ms Manison will replace Paul Henderson, who retired from politics last month after leading his party to a crushing defeat at the Territory election in August.

She took more than 65 per cent of the primary vote in yesterday’s by-election.

Country Liberals candidate Rhianna Harker received 28 per cent and independent Peter Rudge took 6 per cent.

Ms Manison, a former Labor media adviser and sportswoman, says she is astounded with the result.

“You never take anything for granted,” she said.

“I was hoping first and foremost to win, but to have such a huge, huge win, it’s overwhelming.

“I’m just so delighted that people put their faith in me.”

Ms Manison has vowed to work hard for her electorate, which she says has sent a message about power and water price hikes.

“They are not happy with Terry Mills and the CLP Government,” she said.

“The people of Wanguri have reflected the sentiment of the rest of the Territory that people do not like having promises broken.

“People do not like unfairly having their cost of living dramatically increased.”

Mr Mills, the Territory’s Chief Minister, is not surprised by the result.

“I understand that people are finding it difficult with the decisions this Government has taken,” he said.

But he has ruled out a cabinet reshuffle.
“Our cabinet, our Government is focused on the real business. That means getting the Territory’s debt crisis under control,” he said.

One thought on “Labor triumphs in Wanguri by-election

  1. Neville

    17 February, 2013

    “You never take anything for granted,” she said.

    This will restore some credibility to Labor.
    But can they build on this ? This remains to be seen.

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