Lifeline’s urgent petition

27 March, 2014 Uncategorized0
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Lifeline’s urgent petition


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I was in a devastating darkness. One that led me to attempt taking my own life – and seeking help through pathways including Lifeline pulled me out of it.

Thousands like me make a call to Lifeline every day.

For me, things were snowballing: I’d been bullied for years because of my disability, my weight, I was the “loner” – and I slipped into depression.

But unbelievably, I’ve just found out that Lifeline’s funding is falling short. Some calls – from potentially suicidal people like I was – are going unanswered.

Without Lifeline, many of us wouldn’t be here today.

Lifeline have just started a petition on asking Tony Abbott to give Lifeline enough funding to make sure every call is answered. It’s desperately needed.

Will you add your name to Lifeline’s urgent petition?

It’s shocking the government would let this happen. Each day, six Australians take their own life. A figure 50 per cent greater than our annual road toll, a statistic that is even more tragic given suicide is preventable.

Lifeline is a critical service to putting an end to suicide. Many people like me relied on it – still do for the odd call when help is needed – and it’s just horrible to imagine the consequences if people aren’t able to get through.

Tony Abbott himself has said mental health and suicide is an issue he wants to tackle as Prime Minister – so I hope he’ll listen to Lifeline’s plea for more funding.

The Australian Government needs to ensure that Lifeline is properly funded to answer calls from people in trouble. Can you help by adding your name to Lifeline’s petition now?

Thanks so much for your support.

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