Local Community groups criticised for slow response to disasters


Reported on ABC radio 702 this morning that local community

based groups were slow to respond to fire disasters in Tasmania.

The report also suggested that these groups be included in future

disaster planning. Some of the remarks expressed were unkind

and unfair to the groups concerned. It takes time for these groups

to get whatever action is necessary to provide whatever service

they can muster, usually at very short notice.

These groups consist of volunteers who give time and in some

cases personal funding, or revenue raised by raffles, cake stalls

and fetes. Volunteers are short on the ground and many move on

leaving a hard core of dedicated locals to carry out the excellent

work they do.

It is hard to visualise how these groups could be brought under

the umbrella of Govt. disaster plans. since they are unfunded.

Neville Gillmore

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