So long and thanks for all the fish

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Richard Webb
Richard Webb has campaigned for sustainable, local fish

Local advocate of ethical food, Richard Webb of Swamp Dog, is calling it a day. Webb has worked with many chefs in 4101 to heighten their awareness of the variety of local fish and the various ways to cook them. In the chef’s own words:

“In the last 3 years at Swampdog we’ve introduced thousands and thousands of people to new ( to them) fish. In some small way I’d like to think Swampdog has made a contribution to our culinary landscape. Through Betterfish we’ve also helped many chefs access a wider range of fish, with emphasis on more local fish. In my spare time I’ll continue helping chefs through Betterfish but at Swampdog it’s time to pass the baton. It’s well established now and the ball will continue to roll on. For me it’s time for other things. So that’s it folks.”

Swamp Dog will remain where it is, serving quality fish to customers in a relaxed and rustic setting on Tribune St.


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