Miner uses tax dollars to fund exploration

14 October, 2021 Energy Matters0
The Beetaloo Basin covers a significant area of the Northern Territory

The Guardian is reporting that the federal government gave a $5 million dollar tax incentive to a gas company exploring the Beetaloo Basin using a scheme that specifically prohibits “prospecting, exploring or drilling activities”.

The money was awarded to Empire Energy through the commonwealth’s R&D tax incentive scheme, which is designed to encourage industry to conduct research and development that may not otherwise have been conducted.

The scheme does allow for money to be given to companies that are drilling for the dominant purpose of research and development. However, Empire was given the money for its work at a specific well in the Beetaloo Basin, that the company describes as an “exploration well”

Empire have stated that the drilling is for research and development and the government department in charge says that the scheme requirements are self-assessed by the recipient.

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