MPs silent on links to Obeid


MPs silent on links to Obeid

The Sunday Telegraph
February 10, 201312:00AM

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Eddie Obeid enters ICAC with his lawyers, former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid. Picture: Craig Greenhill Source: The Daily Telegraph

EDDIE Obeid’s grip on the ALP continues in Macquarie St, with MPs refusing to reveal their connections to the former powerbroker.

And despite Opposition Leader John Robertson’s pledge to reform the party and rid it of the factional players linked to Mr Mr Obeid, his offsider and former kingmaker MP Joe Tripodi is back in the corridors of power.

The Sunday Telegraph has spotted Mr Tripodi in state Parliament twice and MPs confirmed he has been meeting with his former factional ally, Noreen Hay.

Mr Tripodi did not return calls seeking comment.

Ms Hay is part of a group of MPs who have been resisting Mr Robertson’s reforms, which includes ending the power of the party’s factions.

While many MPs replied to requests by The Sunday Telegraph’s about their connections to Mr Obeid, key players from the Right refused to answer a series of simple questions about whether they had accepted gifts, free meals or accommodation at Mr Obeid’s expense.

This follows revelations that Mr Robertson and his family enjoyed a weekend at the snow at Mr Obeid’s luxury Perisher ski chalet in 2007.

Those who refused to answer the questions included former treasurer Eric Roozendaal, Ms Hay, and Kogarah MP Cherie Burton, who were all closely aligned with Mr Obeid.

The ICAC has previously heard Mr Roozendaal received $10,000 off a new car, which was paid for by the Obeids. Darcy Byrne, who is the Leichhardt mayor and the party’s rank-and-file selection for the NSW Labor Policy Forum, said it was time to completely erase all remnants of Mr Obeid, Mr Tripodi and their Terrigals faction from the Labor Party.

“The fact is that (Mr) Obeid’s factional partner Joe Tripodi continues to exert malign influence through his cronies, including Noreen Hay,” he said.

“The remnants of (Mr) Obeid’s faction in parliament seem to think they can go about business as usual.

“Their culture of secrecy, patronage and factional control continues to damage NSW Labor each and every day.

“Even after all the ICAC revelations there are many in the NSW Right who refuse to acknowledge the need for Labor to change.

“(Mr) Tripodi should act in the interests of the party and walk away from politics for good.”


One thought on “MPs silent on links to Obeid

  1. Neville

    9 February, 2013

    They will be judged at the polling booths.
    Voters will be very harsh with their conduct.

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