Musician donates to kayak expedition


Singer Songwriter, Doug Kerr, has donated half the royalties from his song Give the Water Back to adventurer and rivers advocate Steve Posselt.

“The words of the song completely fit the principles that drop me to mount the expedition and the sentiments of the farmers we have interviewed and filmed along the way,” Posselt said.

“I wrote the song because I love the inland,” said donor, Doug Kerr.


“What we are doing to the rivers is a travesty and I am stoked that Steve is fighting for them. I’m more than happy to split any royalties from the song sold as a result of the expedition,” he said.

Here’s a taste of the words of the song

You can’t grow a crop because the water’s all goneStarin’ at a desert where there once was a farmPeople doing nothing while they’re crippled by fearsCos can’t go a crop when it’s watered by tears Should be very clear if there ever was a doubtThis country’s been buggered by a seven year droughtThere aint no sign that things are getting betterEverybody’s praying that it’s going to get better

Copyright Doug Kerr, 2009

“That pretty much says it all,” said Steve Posselt.

A short version of the song is available to listen to free of charge from and a high quality version of it is available for purchase.

“Please buy the song, support the cause and enjoy my music,” said Doug Kerr.


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