New evidence in Whiskey Au Go Go case

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Polive at Whiskey Au Go GO
Police at the Whiskey Au Go Go after the bombing

True crime author, Tony Reeves addressed a packed meeting of West End’s 17 Group last week with new evidence in the Whiskey Au Go Go fire bombing. The 1973 fire bombing murdered 15 people and Mr Reeve’s new evidence implicates police, clears John Andrew Stuart who died in Boggo Rd jail while serving time for the crime and identifies a person of interest.

The manuscript is under consideration by the Queensland University Press and pending legal clearance may be released in time for Christmas.

Due to the reclassification of the Fitzgerald Inquiry documents last year, much of the evidence in this case has been locked up for another 65 years.

Readers interested in more information should let the Westender know via the comments form below as it may be possible to provide extracts of the book once a publishing deal is in place.

One thought on “New evidence in Whiskey Au Go Go case

  1. Danny Stuart

    11 September, 2013

    In regards to the above story I noticed I didn’t get a mention as the co-writter with Tony Reeves. The fact is my contribution the Whiskey Au Go Go book was very significant and made up the bulk of the story in the manuscript. Most of which I personally witnessed in regards to this it possible for you to send me the full story from the extract above. Cheers Danny Stuart

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