[New post] Elections in 2014 – South Australia and beyond

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[New post] Elections in 2014 – South Australia and beyond

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New post on The Tally Room

Elections in 2014 – South Australia and beyond

by Ben Raue

After the Christmas break, the Tally Room is back – and starting the new year by covering the South Australian state election, to be held in March.

I have started work on the Tally Room guide to the SA election, with profiles of sixteen key electorates now posted. Click on the links below to click through to the electorate profiles.

You can also click on the most recent electorate profiles in the box on the right-hand side of the website, as well as going through to the full lists of electorates.

I’ll be featuring one electorate on the front page of the website (as well as on the Tally Room’s Facebook and Twitter channels) starting next Monday.

If you’re interested, please go through and start reading now. The first ten comments have already been posted on various electorate pages.

I will also be covering the Griffith federal by-election, due to be held on February 8, and the Redcliffe state by-election whenever that is held. The conversation will continue on both of those by-election profiles.

The Tasmanian state election is expected to be held at the same time as the South Australian election on March 15, and I will be doing a full guide to that election as well.

We are expecting a statewide Senate by-election in Western Australia later this year, if the Court of Disputed Returns throw out the result of that state’s 2013 half-Senate election.

Also this year we are expecting a general election in New Zealand later this year, a state election in Victoria in November, and elections for two seats in the Tasmanian Legislative Council in May, and I plan to cover all three.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Ben Raue | January 10, 2014 at 9:15 am | URL: http://wp.me

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