No more ugly panels, solar glass is here


No more ugly panels, solar glass is here

Yahoo!7February 6, 2013, 6:03 pm



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Solar technology on the up

South Australia is harnessing new solar technology, with one business boasting the largest solar facade in the country. Andrea Nicolas reports.

7News © Enlarge photo

Thousands across the country are turning to solar panels to save the environment and electricity, but their appearance is often a downfall.

Now one Adelaide business is leading the revolution with a solar panel facade that is virtually unnoticeable.

The black glass that covers the front of the Fullarton Rd building in Adelaide is actually made up of more than 150 high performance solar panels.

“Rather than just putting solar panels on the roof and having the ugly solar panel look, they make it look quite neat,” said solar expert Newman Mundy.

“Australia should really embrace this because in Europe it’s done everywhere, and they have nowhere near as much sun as we do.”

It is the second business in Australia to utilise the new technology.

He told 7News that the darker the window, the more efficient it is, but there is a see-through option available.

“The more power they want, the less transparency they get, and it also comes in wide ranges of colours,” Mr Mundy said.

“It is so cost-effective; it almost costs the same as putting double glazing in.”

While solar window technology is an option for commercial buildings, it would not be viable for residential purposes.

But the industry says new concepts for solar power in the home are in the pipeline.

“We put in a glass solar powered tile, which then replaces an ordinary roof tile,” Mr Mundy said.
He said it would be most cost effective for those building new homes, who haven’t already splashed out on standard building materials.

One thought on “No more ugly panels, solar glass is here

  1. Neville

    6 February, 2013

    Solar glass is not exactly new. Solar windows and tiles have
    been in use for several years. I posted an item on the Generator 2 or 3 years back on this.

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