Now it’s the parents’ turn to scream about unruly kids sign


Now it’s the parents’ turn to scream about unruly kids sign

Charis Chang•
Manly Daily •
February 21, 201312:00AM

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Screaming children banned


Screaming children banned

One shopping centre in the northern beaches of Sydney is causing a bit of stir, after it emerged it may ban noisy children





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Screaming children banned
Gilce Oliveira

The warning sign from the Dee Why Grand shopping centre banning screaming kids. Source: The Daily Telegraph

UPSET parents want a Sydney shopping centre to shift a kids’ play area away from its food court after it threatened to not tolerate loud and unruly children.

The Dee Why Grand was embroiled in a stoush yesterday after it introduced a controversial crackdown on “screaming” children, saying “mothers have to be more responsible”.

The decision divided opinions over the right to eat in peace and whether the centre management was too harsh.

Dee Why mother Gilce Oliveira, 35, said she did not understand why management created a play area if they didn’t want kids there.

“Kids can’t control themselves, they are there to have fun, otherwise there is no reason to have a playground there,” Ms Oliveira, who has a three-week-old son, said.


“If the general public is not happy, they should put it in an area that is not so close to the coffee shops or food court.”

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Screaming children banned

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Grandmother Marilyn House, who has taken her granddaughter Ruby, 3, to the play area about once or twice a week for the past seven months, said she had never noticed any particularly noisy children in the food court.

“But kids can’t be quiet all the time, especially when you have been shopping for a long time, that’s why this area is nice, it breaks it up for them,” she said.

Another man sitting in the food court said he had never noticed “screaming” children but supported the centre.

“There is a line between a child being a child, and being out of control,” he said.

A sign in the centre near the children’s play area asks parents to be considerate of others. “Screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre,” it read.

One thought on “Now it’s the parents’ turn to scream about unruly kids sign

  1. Neville

    20 February, 2013

    What about supermarkets where we are often subject to the
    antics of unruly children. Lack of control by parents is the
    cause. The old adage of “Spare the rod and spoil the child”
    applies here.

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