OpenAgent increases pressure in online real estate space

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Local agents, like Metro FN, will be rated in Open Agent

OpenAgent, an angel-backed real estate startup that helps Aussie home owners find the best agent to sell their property.

OpenAgent uses official sales data and reviews to rank Australian real estate agents, and then helps connect potential vendors with the best agents for any given home sale scenario.
Founders Zoe Pointon and Marta Higuera, recently secured a million dollars to grow OpenAgent, and in the process, managed to attract some big name investors, including the founder of US real estate giant Trulia.

Say you have an apartment to sell in Croydon or a semi-detached home in Kensington ready to be put on the market… with OpenAgent you can quickly enter the details and then the team will get in contact and connect you with the agent most likely to meet your needs… whether that’s achieving a top sale price, making a quick sale or just ensuring you get genuinely good service.

The best part is… the ranking system helps to keep the industry honest and accountable, and makes sure agents are always competing to get the best for their clients. Getting a positive review or consistently achieving high sales prices for the area does wonders for lead generation.

They’re a bit like the TripAdvisor of property sales in that the better your review as an agent, the more business you’ll generate. So the really good agents love OpenAgent. It’s great for them, great for Australians trying to sell their homes, and terrible for the dodgy shonksters that give real estate agents a bad name.

As a business, OpenAgent has already experienced rapid growth; accelerating massively over the past year and doubling in size since the start of 2014. They’ve already connected 2000 people with the best agents and are in the process of assisting the sale of $1 billion worth of property.

What it’s doing for property sellers:

  • It’s a free service to find an agent that is best able to meet their needs (whether speed, price or service specific)
  • Saves the time and hassle of ringing around or visiting real estate agents

What it’s doing for real estate agents:

  • Provides a platform for agents to receive widespread reviews and recognition
  • Enhances the reputation of high selling and well rated agents, connecting them to a wider network of vendors

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