Opposition’s dam plan springs a leak


Opposition’s dam plan springs a leak

ABCFebruary 14, 2013, 8:33 am



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A leaked discussion paper shows the Coalition is considering a plan to build more dams, with 100 possible projects already identified.

It is understood the draft paper says the dams would be used to prevent floods, to fuel power stations and to irrigate food production.

The projects discussed include raising the Warragamba Dam, which provides the majority of Sydney’s water, as well as the creation of dams in the Hunter Valley and along the Lachlan River in NSW.

But Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt says the paper is not the Coalition’s official policy.

“We have no proposal for 100 dams as such – those are initiatives which other people have suggested to us and we’ve simply chronicled the submissions,” he said.

“But we’re unashamed about having a vision for Australia as a food bowl, we are unashamed about flood security.”

The paper was given to a Sydney newspaper, and is the second leak of Coalition policy in a week.

Opposition water spokesman Barnaby Joyce says that is cause for concern.

“I’m not concerned about the diligence of the work that’s gone towards it but quite obviously it’s a concern when something is leaked,” he said.
“That’s one of the unfortunate things in politics. It happens to us, it happens to the Labor Party, it happens to the Greens at times.”

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