ORIC puts land ownership back in the hands of the people

ORIC puts land back in the hands of the people
Robert Pekin in the Cage to discuss ORIC

Hot on the heels of the announcement of new laws allowing start up companies to seek investment via crowdsourcing an investment vehicle for organic agriculture has been launched.

The Organic and Restorative Investment Coop, known as ORIC, will be launched in Melbourne next month.

The aim of the Coop is to facilitate investment into agriculture that offers a fair price to farmers and nurtures the ecology that supports us all. The new crowd-sourced equity funding laws allow individual investors to put up to $10,000 into a company raising less than $5 million.

A full interview with board member Robert Pekin is available on Soundcloud. Fundamentally, Robert tells Geoff that ORIC is a method for putting land ownership back in the hands of the people, thereby reversing the current trend of denuding the landscape of people and destroying community and human scale agriculture.

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