Outline of a Greens Australia: Bob Brown

Outline of a Greens Australia: Bob Brown

Boost public education with mining tax
Conserve land for food and environment
Accountability and insurance against big party domination

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has used his Leaders’ Address to the
National Press Club today to outline why the Greens are needed in the
Senate to guard against big party domination and ensure outcomes for the

“The Greens are the smaller party with big ideas giving a good option
for voters fed up with the bigger parties with small ideas,” said
Senator Brown.

“Our approach to the mining tax is a key example of the dividend we will
work to deliver to the community.

“The Opposition has pledged to wipe out the mining tax and all the
benefits it would bring for society, just as it tried to block the
economic stimulus package.

“In contrast, as a first step in the new parliament if the Greens are
re-elected, I propose that we adjust the mining tax to raise an
additional $2 billion per year, to be invested in the public schools

Senator Brown outlined other key Greens election commitments including:
– Measures to preserve food producing land against coal companies and
other incursions
– A national dental healthcare scheme: Denticare
– Equal marriage laws, and

Two further new policy initiatives:
– A Parliamentary Budget Office to provide economic and budgetary advice
– An international ban on the mining and manufacture of Asbestos

“The Greens are the party that cares about people, thinks about the
future and are the champions for the environment,” said Senator Brown.

Noting record-high polling for the Greens, Senator Brown said the Greens
would  give Australians the accountability they deserve in the Senate.

“We will be the people’s watchdog, whichever party wins office next

“That is my commitment to all Australians.”

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