Post Carbon Professionals – Accredited Training in Byron Bay

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The Permaforest Trust – Centre for Sustainability Education, in partnership with National Environment Centre campus of the Riverina Institute of TAFE, is now offering accredited, specialist sustainability training for transition to a low carbon future from its Byron Bay campus in northern NSW, Australia.

Learn permaculture skills, relocalisation strategies and systems thinking to proactively meet the challenges of peak oil, climate change and other limits to growth in positive and strategic ways.

Permaforesttrust’s accredited Certificate 4 and Diploma courses start in March 2008 and include permaculture theory and practice, energy descent planning, community climate change strategies, relocalisation and bioregional planning, food security, community gardens and post carbon transition.

For more information contact Permaforesttrust at:,, Ph: (02) 6689 7579

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