Re the proposal to introduce Very Fast Trains.

Re the proposal to introduce Very Fast Trains.

This is not a solution for intercapital travel. We already have airbuses operating between Sydney
and Melbourne in under three hours, which enables business people and others a return trip to
Melbourne attend meeting etc and be home on the same day.

As MP Albanese stated very expensive tunneling would be required to access the Sydney Metrop.
He also stated the long distances of straight track required, which would mean the acquisition of
land from rural and domestic properties.

Now environmental and other reports will be prepared at a cost of millions of dollars, which should
go to other worthwhile projects. The North Coast corridor is a no-brainer because of the numerous
waterways and the flooding we are seeing due to severe weather events caused by Climate Change.

The East Coast of Australia is not conducive to the establihment of Very Fast Trains.
The intercapital travel should be left to the airlines.

Which brings us back to the debate of where to locate a second Sydney Airport, which is another
onging issue to be resloved.

Australia simply does not have the funds to finance fanciful projects such as VFT’s, there are so
many other areas which are badly in need of large injection of capital.

Neville Gillmore

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