Rising Sea Levels ( Sunshine Coast Council )


Rising Sea Levels

Projected future increases in mean sea levels are anticipated to result from thermal expansion of the world’s oceans due to climate change.

Whilst anticipated rainfall flooding levels or storm tides will always provide dominant flood levels above mean sea levels there is the potential for increases in mean sea level to also cause more regular inundation in low lying coastal areas.

The potential impacts of climate change and rising sea levels on the urban infrastructure of the Sunshine Coast are significant.  With the majority of our communities located on our coastline and much of our coastal infrastructure having been constructed at or close to the current high water levels the threat posed by an increase in the high water level is obvious.

The influence of climate change is being considered for the region although advice has been variable depending on scientific source.  The current state guidelines recommend a 20% addition to rainfall intensity and the consideration of a 0.8 m sea level rise in all planning of development and infrastructure.  The Sunshine Coast Council also requires consideration of the consequences of a 1.1 m sea level rise for the prediction of impacts from climate change.

Draft Sunshine Coast Total Water Cycle Management Plan

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